Crystals & Healing

I have had a strong affiliation with crystals from a very young age. I remember my first crystals were bought when I was a teenager. I had no knowledge of their properties except I resonated with their beauty and trusted my intuition when choosing them. I often made necklaces out of my chosen crystal, a simple method using a leather lace. Since then, I have been guided to use them more.

I love to place crystals around my home to create a tranquil, serene environment. Crystals are never far away when I meditate or give Reiki to others or myself.  I will let you into a secret – I also carry them in my bra! ☺

There is so much to learn about crystals. There are thousands to choose from, some of which are so rare that I may never see them in my lifetime. Did you know that in Ancient Egypt crystals were used to ward off negative energy and illness? We all know from looking back at history that the Egyptian civilisation was so knowledgeable of the planet and their surroundings; they were ahead of their time in so many ways.

Using Crystals with a Reiki Treatment

Crystals are still used today in various practices for their healing properties. I tend to trust my intuition with the application of crystals in Reiki treatments and use them for their vibrational frequencies. I have a powerful sensitivity to these qualities and I can feel various sensations when I am near to crystals. 

Crystals can be placed in grids under the therapy couch, alternatively on the chakra points on the client.  Some clients do not mind this, others prefer for the crystals to be placed around them. As always it is down to the client’s personal choice.

I have touched on the effects of the vibrational frequency of crystals. They all have different qualities. What crystal works for one may not work for another. It is one of those attributes that you can have fun learning.  I have experienced that crystals work so well alongside Reiki. An extra tool to support in clearing energy blockages and to rebalance the body. The client may feel strong or subtle sensations from the crystals when placed on the chakras of the body. Although not everyone feels this and not everyone is as sensitive as me! ☺

When the crystals are being used in a treatment they can be easily removed if the vibration causes any discomfort. One of the crystals that I had this experience with was clear quartz. Its attributes are known to be one of the most powerful healing stones that contributes to the stimulation of the immune system. The nearest I can describe the feeling to was a prickly sensation that did not feel comfortable. It obviously was not the perfect crystal for me at that time. Nonetheless, it is now a perfect match. 

So to conclude, crystals interact with our energy fields and if you are open you can intuitively connect with the crystal or crystals that are needed at the time of your Reiki treatment. Just trust and the connectivity will flow.