We are all as one

No matter your beliefs, where you live in the world,

everything is connected.

What is Reiki and what does it do?

We are all part of a huge universal energy field, however you choose to look at it, whether it be from a healers point of view like the Mikao Usai the founder of Usai Reiki Ryoho, or the Scientific theory of quantum physics, or any other belief system in that matter, whether it would be religious or other.

On several occasions I have been asked what is Reiki and what does it do?

Before I go into some detail of this I would like you to broaden your mind and think about where you consider energy comes from and how it flows around you and through you, I am sure everyone will have different thoughts, facts and ideas regarding this?  

For instance if you find yourself grabbing the air with your hand, you know it is there, but you cant actually see it.  

Try this technique for me, by rubbing your hands together very quickly, what sensation do you feel? 

You will feel your hands warming up, yes? Now I would like you to imagine you are holding a ball, keeping your hands slightly apart, you will be able to feel that you are holding a ball of energy. This technique has been used in yoga sessions I have attended by holding and moving the energy ball within a figure of eight, similar techniques are used in types of Martial Arts and Qigong.  Here I am just giving you a simple example.  By doing this, you are creating an energy field within that.

Westerners have interpreted Reiki as life force energy; the pronunciation of this is  ‘Ray Kee’. 

This wonderful healing technique helps to rebalance your mind body and soul. 

Think of it when you drink that cold fresh glass of water that you know is good for you, feeling it cleansing and purifying your body, well Reiki does this and more. 

It cleanses you from the inside out physically emotionally and spiritually. 

Reiki is a non-invasive holistic treatment; that is becoming more widely available to work alongside other medical interventions to aid with the healing process. 

Reiki treatments are practiced worldwide, covering many areas of the health care system, hospitals, care homes and hospices, it is a universal treatment for all and this is what is so great about it.

Studies have been formed from James Oschman, his theory explains that Reiki energy connects to electromagnetic biofields that interact with the heart and brain, in doing so treats energetic imbalances. (Reiki News Magazine, Vol. One. Issue Three. Winter 2002.Vision Publications) Bringing your body into balance undeniably enhances your health and wellbeing; again there are so many interesting articles and studies covering this subject. 

As a qualified Reiki Practitioner I am able to channel Reiki from a higher source, that transfers through me to the client, sending waves of relaxing energy that assists healing throughout the body, in doing so releases any blockages within the chakras, this is beneficial for relieving stress, it promotes deep relaxation, bringing tranquility to your well – being. Lets all feel empowered by Reiki.